Mary Ellen Gabrielsen
Postpartum Doula Services
Celebrating the Beginning of Life
(206) 683-8366
Certified Postpartum Doula (NAPS) serving the Seattle metropolitan area since 1998

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As a first-time father of twins, I can tell you that men really have no idea of the impact that having a child(ren) will have on them. Intellectually I was on board. Emotionally I was not much ahead of my (now) 5year olds…Mary Ellen routinely saved the day! I cannot over communicate the value of having someone who understands and accepts the work of caring for newborns. A lot of folks roll right into parenthood, but I certainly had some rough spots. Mary Ellen was a great help to me and my wife in making this transition. We got help early on and it has helped us have better relationships with our kids. Thanks, Mary Ellen!

--Walt E., Seattle

Mary Ellen, I can’t thank you enough for coming into my life to assist me with my introduction to motherhood. You have been instrumental in this transitional phase for our family. You are an amazing postpartum doula…It has been a joy watching you with [our son.] I have valued so much your concern, your resourcefulness, your company, and all your hard work.

--Janell P., Seattle

"We could only think of one word to describe Mary Ellen: cheerfulhelperfriendadvisorsaviorcaregiverhuggerrockerfeederdiaperchangersourceofstrengthtakechargeoptimistwho absolutelyadoreschildren. We highly recommend her!

--Nancy & Virl H., Mercer Island

Mary Ellen cushioned our landing into parenthood. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to arrive home with our newborn twins without Mary Ellen there to help us get set up, organized, and started caring for them…One of the best things she did was to help us teach our babies to sleep through the night before she finished working for us at three months.

--Maggie T., Seattle

You should be so lucky as to have Mary Ellen as part of your growing family! She was a godsend when we had our daughter. For someone bringing home a newborn baby from the hospital for the first time, she just provides a much higher comfort level. I knew she could help with anything that would come up. It was so reassuring to have her there.

--Inger D., Redmond

I had a severe postpartum mood disorder with my first child; Mary Ellen provided incredible support through my recovery and also when our second baby was born. She was at our side from the first moments in the hospital, helping to protect my sleep and otherwise being an amazing advocate.

Mary Ellen was excellent in coming and setting up systems to make our house function well, for instance helping us create changing stations on both floors of our house, or helping us figure who would put the laundry in in the morning. She was also good at knowing when to provide direction and when to fade into the background. It was NOT like having a guest in the house that we had to host. She was exceptional at consulting on dynamics among family members related to the care of the baby – when we asked for it.

--Sarah T., Seattle

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